Research consortium ECO-PowerDrive

Emission and Fuel Consumption Reduction for Two-Wheeler and Small Engine Applications


The ECO-PowerDrive addresses the research and development of energy-efficient and low-emission power-drives for a broad range of applications with an overall high environmental impact, such as small off-road engines, powered two-wheelers and motorized recreational equipment. 


Performing cutting-edge research in close cooperation with international enterprises will create the basics for the development and production of environmentally friendly and competitive drive trains. 

The research will strengthen Austria’s position as a research, development and production location and enhance the worldwide excellence of the cooperation partners on the specific sector, today and for the future.  

Attractive research possibilities and the establishment of research centres will contribute to an education of researchers at the highest level. These possibilities will attract top-level researchers and increase their readiness to perform research in Austria. 


These ambitious goals will be reached by concentrating the research activities of the essential companies and research organizations in the ECO-PowerDrive consortium.  

The consolidation of development skills and research competences of each partner for the attainment of necessary synergies gives many additional benefits. The development and application of jointly usable R&D methods considering technological and topical similarities of different applications will broaden the research approach.  

The consortium leader, the Institute for Internal Combustion Engines and Thermodynamics at Graz University of Technology with its long-time experience in the field of two-wheeler and small capacity engines will ensure top-level scientific research. The tight connection of the research at international leading company partners contributes to the feasibility of the proposed developments as well as to an orientation towards market demands.